10ft by 8ft Juice Kiosk Outdoor Booth Stand for Sale

Most poeple choose to start a business with a juice kiosk because it is easy to operate and can gain lots of regular customers. With the fast development of society, poeple focus more on the food kiosk decoration and counter layout. Purchase a wonder food booth is very important. It can only make your shop stand out, but also be convenient use to improve work efficiency. Here is a nice juice kiosk sharing with you.

Juice kiosk

Juice kiosk layout

As we can see in the design, this front counter has a 3D logo with a sign on the body to make people notice your business. Poeple order and pick up beverages and food here. There is also a topping on the countertop to show more food. The working counter next to it has blender and juice machines. So poeple can get their orders quickly. While the back side has a freezer, and posters hang on the top for advertising.

fresh juice booth

Outdoor juice kiosk decoration

Before opening a juice booth outside, what do you care about most? For sure, it’s the shop theme and color decoration. Because it is what popele notice you and first impression on you. Choosing warm colors like orange and turquoise is great, it gives poeple a feeling that your juice is fresh. Besides, they will aware that you are the right person who provides juice and beverage.

outdoor beverage kiosk

Lightbox painting and brand logo

Brand logo and posters are also important, don’t forget to add them in a suitable location. Such as the side wall, on the counter body, back wall, etc. As more delicious food posters you hang, the more clients you will have. Because poeple are easily appealed to lovely and attractive items. The brand logo and add to the roof, it can make more poeple view you. If you have new ideas, just contact us. We can make food kiosks based on your idea.

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