1m Mobile Food Cart Beverage Push Stand for Sale

What do you think to use a mobile cart in the events to sell more products? For every brand and every product, it’s useful to enhance the brand theme and increase sales by opening a push cart in the street. Because people can learn about you soon. Today, I want to share a nice coffee cart sharing with you. You can sell beer, collar, coffee, and beverages. Let’s view more details together.

food booth

Description of mobile cart

Size: 1m long, 0.5m width, and 1.6m tall

Color: White with metal tube kiosk frame

Material: MDF to make the food cart body and the surface material is glossy baking paint. There is a metal tube to support the brand logo. The double-sided light sign is on the top of the car, so people can find you easily and remember your business well. Wheels under the bottom, so you can push it to different places.

Advantages: Promote brand concepts, display and promote products, and promote new products. For entrepreneurs, mobile food carts can save start-up capital.

food stand

Details information

The front counter has a brand logo with a background, that makes consumers remember your brand well. There is a large wheel on both sides for decoration. While behind has locked cabinets and drawers for storage. There are fences on the counter surface, they prevent items from falling.

mobile beverage stand

Produce photos shows

We can see what the food cart looks like in reality. Because purchase a suitable food cart for business is very important. The beverage stall is completed in our workshop and will test to make sure all parts work well. So you can use it to start a business directly. If you have any new ideas, just let me know. We will add to your unique food cart design.

mobile food stand

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