3m by 2m outdoor glasses booth street sunglasses display kiosk

Opening a kiosk outdoors to start a business has now become an option for many people. Mall rents are high, and getting a place requires a cumbersome vetting process. There are many places to choose from outdoors, the rent is low, and the price can be greatly reduced. When you walk down the street or outside you will find a lot of outdoor retail kiosk. People can use it for different businesses, selling food, drinks, mobile phone accessories, accessories, doing salon services and more.

outdoor glasses kiosk

Today I want to share you an outdoor glasses booth we just did for a UK client. This kiosk is mainly used to sell glasses and sunglasses. This kiosk used orange and white color, front and right side all has one entrance. There has a cash&work counter against left side glass wall. There have many wood shelves against the left and back side glass wall to display glasses and sunglasses. The bottom have cabinets for storage. There has nice advertising poster added on both front and back side. This booth looks very fantastic, it is very functional at the same time. There has a shutter door installed on each entrance. You can close the whole kiosk at night, very safe.

outdoor sunglasses booth

Basic info about this outdoor glasses kiosks

Size: 3m by 2m(different size are available)

Color: orange and white color

Materials used: steel with orange paint and white paint finish

Glass: 10mm tempered glass

Accessories included: 3D illuminated logos, illuminated red acrylic, spot lights, light box  

retail eyewear kiosk

Myfoodkiosk already helped many customers build their outdoor retail kiosks. No matter you want to a what kind business, a nice and functional kiosk is needed. If you are still looking for outdoor kiosk supplier and need any help,can just feel free to contact us.



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