3×2.2M Retail Outdoor Cafe Street Creative Coffee Kiosk

Drinking coffee always is one relaxing and fashion life way for people. For some people, almost they have coffee every day. When people have enough time, they like to drink freshly brewed coffee. If people who is busy, they like instant coffee. Selling coffee is really a profitable business. The outdoor cafe is very functional for you. But it needs to be with your different features to attract consumers. Today, we introduce one outdoor cafe for you.

Outdoor cafe description

The outdoor cafe adopts blue and black two colors. Its roof is unique and creative because its 4 sides are inverted trapezoidal shape. Besides, they can be luminous to show the menus, coffee posters and slogan. The slogan is a question for people. When people pass by the food booth, they will be attracted by the slogan. People will think about today they have coffee or not. It is a wise for the owner to use a question to remind the customer to drink coffee.

outdoor cafe

The kiosk counters design adopts shipping container surface and hexagon bee slot shape elements to make the decoration. It is a good and unique decoration combination, which is very three-dimensional and textured. In addition, the food stall 4 sides all is open with roller shutter doors. When you are off working or it is raining, you can close the door. And the LED light strip is around the cafe counters edges. The ceiling hangs the spotlights which can offer more lights and enhance lighting atmosphere.

outdoor cafe 2

Street coffee booth layout

The outdoor cafe sells coffee, teas and breads together. Then there are many machines inside the booth. Two freezers are cafe two sides, one is to display breads and another one is to show the beverages. What’s more, the front counter also has cashier register and one coffee machine. Inside the kiosk, the owner puts relevant different food machines to work. The counters also have storage spaces for you to put some accessories and food materials and ingredients. At the coffee booth right side, there is a dining table and stools. Further more, in front of the kiosk, there are also several sets tables with chairs for consumers to enjoy their coffee and some foods casually and comfortably.

outdoor cafe 3


The outdoor cafe has many creative logos at booth many places. They are lighted and attractive. The signage can let people know your brand and improve your cafe image. The signage can be different types, such as 3D acrylic, stainless steel, neon etc.

More information

Size: 3*2.2m

Basic material: Plywood, metal, marble

Surface treatment: Aluminum composite panel, tile

Accessories: Light box, spotlights, acrylic luminous logo, light strip

The outdoor cafe customization is acceptable.

Out of website from here.

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