4m by 3m Outdoor Retail Kiosk Cell Phone Display Booth in the UK

An outdoor cell phone kiosk is a place to display and sell mobile phones, phone covers, and accessories. It’s also a good place to use as a phone experience booth. Outdoor phone kiosk can also use as a retail kiosk, you can use it in the outside mall, streets, and even at bus stations. No matter how unique the style of the phone kiosk you want, we can make it meet your demands.

phone kiosk design

Introduction of the cell phone kiosk

This cell phone kiosk is designed for a UK customer. Projects in the UK. We mainly use black metal tubes surrounding it as support, it also makes the phone kiosk look better. Inside has glass wall and door, that allows poeple view your phone well.

phone booth

Inside design

The location size is 4m by 3m, used near a shopping mall. It has an entrance door on 2 sides, which is convenient for clients to enter the shop. Tall display cabinets set close to the wall, that is to place phone covers with light lamps. At the bottom has two lines of drawers with locks, you can reserve items. View more outdoor retail kiosk design

cell phone booth

The center of the outdoor cell phone kiosk has a slat wall display with a double-sided showcase. That is hang more items. We can see another side has individual display shelving. Middle has phone repair counters and cashier counters.

mobile phone kiosk

Produce photos show

Workers will build the phone kiosk frame at first. Then make inside cabinets and displays. Finally, install them and you can see the final effect directly. The outdoor kiosk also has lighting decorations, sockets, and wires for better usage. You can also lock it well at night.

outdoor phone cover kioskcell phone kioskoutdoor phone shop

Feedback from clients

The owner likes the cell phone kiosk very much. Because it’s made according to his special ideas. And we focus on the structure and product details. I am sure that you will also get a perfect outdoor retail kiosk from us.

outdoor retail kioskphone showcase

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