6x6FT Orange Street Shawarma Kiosk Retail Outdoor Snack Stall

Shawarma is arguably the most famous street food in the Middle East and can be found everywhere in Dubai. Of course, different stores add different ingredients, so the taste is different from store to store, but it’s generally the same. How to be standout from so many booths on street? The creative and eye-catching shawarma kiosk design is important. Today, I share you one beautiful retail kiosk.

Shawarma kiosk color

The whole food booth color is orange, which is very bright in people’s vision. When people are shopping the fast foods at the street, they can see the shawarma kiosk at once because of the color and its structure. About the color, if you want different combination or other colors, we can meet the needs.

shawarma kiosk color

Shawarma booth structure

About the shawarma kiosk, we use high quality and strong metal material for the main structure. And inside part material is aluminum composite panel. All materials are water-proof and durable. The metal materials can’t be broken easily and you can use it for even over 10 years. The shawarma kiosk top design is big and stable on the basic roof. It has the grains which looks three-dimensional. Besides, the main food stall signage in a light orange color is at the middle. The booth can highlight the logo and let people notice easily. The top and kiosk bottom part two sides have the creative patterns to show the the food concepts or kiosk features. Two sides of kiosk windows adopt the mesh structure, which looks very fancy and beautiful. And the poster is at beside. 3 sides equips the roller shutter doors for you close or open.

Shawarma kiosk

Interior layout

The front side is a sales counter and you can put some display machines to show foods, and cashier register on the counter. The back counters are also useful for you to place the equipment or store some food materials and accessories. Two menus are at the kiosk back wall and people can order your shawarma foods. Inside the food kiosk, the lamps or spotlights are at the ceiling and offer enough lights. Besides, the floor is also with a good wooden or PVC decoration.

shamarma kiosk layout

More information

  1. Size: 6*6ft (Customization is available)
  2. Material: Stainless steel, aluminum composite panel
  3. Accessories: Signage, poster, lamps, roller shutter doors

How to own one shawarma kiosk?

Our MyFood Kiosk can offer design and production services. Normally, the business step is to make 3D design with your some ideas and equipment list first. Then we can make a good layout arrangement. After you confirm the design, we can have a deal and produce it for you. More details please contact us at any time. Out of website from here.

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