7m by 2.5m Outdoor Flower Kiosk Fit the Sweden Mall

Are you looking for an outdoor flower kiosk to earn money? Flower kiosks become very popular because flower can decorate the environment and creates a fantastic atmosphere. The flower kiosk is good to set in the outside mall, bus stations, and even the street. Here is a nice outdoor flower kiosk to share with you. It’s for a client from Sweden.

Description of outdoor flower kiosk

The size is 7m by 2.5m, we can make the flower kiosk fit the location. It includes a display showcase, counters, and a glass storage room. The materials include plywood with lamination, that can bear changeable outside weather.

flower cabinet

Display cabinets

We can see there is 3 layer of a display cabinet in the front area. It is good to show flowers on both sides so that clients can purchase them easily. While both sides have square space to show more products. The side far from the work counter has lock doors for each grid, so poeple won’t reach items without permission. Outdoor gift kiosk design

flower kiosk

Working counter

There is a U shape working the counter in the middle. It has flower decoration on the counter body, looks attractive and poeple can remember your business well. We can add a cashier register on the front counter so that clients can check bills directly. Under the counter has drawers can cabinThe water sink set the lower countertop for better usage. View more outdoor retail kiosks here

flower counter

Individual room display

There is an individual room with glass walls and doors. Inside has multiple shelves to place more flowers for sale. The business logo adds to the roof, no matter how unique the business logo you want, we can meet your demands.

flower shop design

The flower is one of the retail business ideas for the outdoors, no matter when you are ready to start, we can make unique flower kiosks for you. If you have a clear mind and design, we will produce them accordingly.

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