Attractive Beach Food Stall Beautiful Outdoor Food Kiosk

The beach beach is always a popular holiday destination for people. When people spend time at the beach, they must buy some beach accessories, such as swimsuits, sunglasses, children toys, foods etc.. Many retailers offer these stuffs at beach. For the retailers, they can earn big profits because it is one popular traveling location. If you have idea of doing food business at beach, you deserve one wonderful beach food stall. We will create it for you.

Beach food stall description

The food stall is placed at the beach and matches the beach style well. It looks very beautiful and unique. The sales window takes up the facade 2 thirds area. It is very big and people can see your booth inside part clearly and easily. The window door has two telescopic rods to support. When the window door is hold up, it can keep out of the strong sunlight or rains at the beach. The menu or promotion picture is at the 1 thirds area. Under the window part, there is the slogan and brand pattern image. It is the decoration for the outdoor food booth. The left corner also has the sign to show the booth name. The sign plays roles on attracting and leading consumers. Besides, the counter shows a small glass part of the freezer. In this way, people can see what the desserts you offer.

Beach food stall

We see the romantic and creative decoration from this view. The middle area is one door and the wall other areas designs decoration combination of different shapes. And white cements is filled in the shapes, which shows people a unique textured and art vision. Near the door, there is the logo too. In addition, the fake green plants are around the outdoor food kiosk edges. Another end also sets the arch door with fake plants decoration. Its beside area has the purple slogan letters. It is so beautiful and amazing.

Beach food kiosk

The most unique and special point for the beach food stall is the solid wood decoration. The roof and the structure 4 corners all have the solid wood strip decoration. People can feel it is natural. What’s more, at another side of the outdoor snack stand, the wood strips can be used to create the supporting rack for two swings. The white wall also has some slogan and signs. One small bar counter is for consumers. People can sit on the swings to have the meal here. It is so attractive and wonderful art design.

Beach food stand

Interior layout

For the front counter, you can put the cashier register on it to receive the payment. And you can also do the packing works of the foods at front counter. The back counter is the main food making area for you. You can place relevant food machines in the kiosk to make foods or drinks. Besides, the wall also has the shelves for you to hold the stuffs or display some snacks and decoration. We also design the beautiful ceiling and we install the beautiful lamps at the ceiling to set off the catering atmosphere.

outdoor snack kiosk

street snack stand

Color tone

The main color tone of the beach outdoor food stall is white with wooden color. The white on the kiosk can set off other decorations very well. And white is simple, pure and easy for people to notice. If you want the other theme of the booth and would like other colors, we can also customize relevant style for you.

outdoor snack tall

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