Attractive Beach Stall Outdoor Beer Juice Bar Design

The beach is really a popular and busy place for people to enjoy their tip. When people have holidays, most of them would like to go to beach to see sea, enjoy surfing and sunbathing. At the same time, there is no shortage of recreational facilities, shops, restaurants and so on. Most retailers like to create their booth with the beach theme to match the style and attract people. The beach stall type is very suitable for them to have business on the beach.

Beach stall surface description

The owner in such beach stall sells beers, wines, and some fast foods. The beach stall is with a wonderful design. Its main frame with floor is wooden type. Such wood color is a little retro and very nice in people’s eyes. It is because it is not strong color. The ornament of the beach kiosk is the roof, because of hay decoration, which makes it has a good beach holiday atmosphere. Two sides of the stall has one sail decoration too. This is the classic decoration and offer a direct and clear beach feeling to visitors.

beach stall


The big signage type is neon lights to show your booth name. The lighting is yellow and white, which is bright. Besides, there are beer pattern lighting signage and luminous slogan board on the kiosk counter 3 sides. Such kind decorations are also very vivid and beautiful. In this way, people can see them no matter where they come from. It makes the beer bar high grade.

beach stall 2


The working counters are also used retro solid wood material, which looks so special of this one food stall. We can see the owner puts cups, plants and small decorations on the counter. He can mix drinks for consumers. What’s more, the stall wall has some display shelves for putting different bottles. One blackboard shows the menu under the shelf. The blackboard also is one kind decoration too, and people can feel art atmosphere. One right side, the color letters are creative decoration too. In addition, there is one kind creative design of the beach kiosk. 3 sides have the swings as the chairs for the customers. Then people can sit on the swings and drink the beers at the bar comfortably for a nice relaxation. It is so unique and special structure. And two sides beams hang the green plants too.

beach kiosk


Furthermore, at the ceiling, the beach stall still has many nice lamps. The lamps are not only the tools but also are the decoration to enhance the booth atmosphere. The lamps are around 3 sides. Then people can feel warm when they sit in front of the bar counter.

outdoor kiosk

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