Attractive Hot Dog Foods Trailer Practical Fast Food Truck

In people’s impressions, hot dogs are very delicious with great smell. The children like hot dog foods very much. Most people use the hot dogs as the main ingredients for the bread, hamburger, pizza etc.. If you are looking for the hot dog foods trailer, here one is very attractive for you.

Hot dog foods trailer description

The hot dog foods trailer shape is elliptic which looks more modern. And its surface has creative design which is that white color in irregular shape. In this way, two colors have distinct layers and complement each other. It is not one pure color. Different colors can create one unique and special decoration like this. At the top part area, there is one medium glass sales window with wooden frame. You can sell the hot dogs. You can choose suitable window size according to your business range. The following are the double axle wheels under chassis. And straight brackets hide at corners when your don’t use them.

hot dog foods trailer

Look at the opposite side of the fast food truck, the door is at the front area near the tow bar. And one small smoke vent of range hood is at top to eject smokes. For such kind structure, the door is not suitable at the rear. So at the curved rear, we set one small ventilation window with wooden frame too. The road reflective triangle signs and tailing lights are complete under the ventilation window.

hot dog trailer

We can see the tow bar is very thick and strong. The generator is in the metal box which is on the tow bar stably. The rains and snows won’t affect the metal box, so you still can do business under the bad weather. The guide wheel with iron chains are the parts of the traction system. What’s more, there is another one ventilation window at front end. When you are in the hot dog snack trailer, you can open all windows and door for getting cool wind and air.

food trailer


The raw material for the whole food cart body is the galvanized material. We can use this material to create the cart shape for you. And it is very practical for long-life use. The inside counters material is stainless steel. This kind material won’t get the rust. You can use the counters casually and they will be like always new.

snack trailer

More information

Size: 13ft long

Electricity: lamp, wire, socket, external power source according to your voltage 110V / 220V / 240V / 380V

Water system: double sinks with tanks, taps and pump

Flooring: Non-slip Flooring(aluminum)with Drain

food truck

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