Attractive Mobile Coffee Cart Retail Drinks Beverages Trailers

You are so wise to do the coffee market. Research shows that coffee have many good functions to people’s health and body. And coffee also is one culture for many countries now, specially for the US. The mobile coffee cart is good for your flexible business. Then your consumers group can become biggest. We can produce attractive booth for you.

Mobile coffee cart description

The mobile coffee cart style is natural wooden type. The surface main decoration is the solid wood. And all edges are black frame. And its shape is special boat shape. The attractive shape will be very outstanding. Under the eave 3 sides, we set many bright lamps to shine the sales area and as the decorations too. When you open the window, the sunshade can be held up to cover the sunlight area for you. People can buy the coffees and other foods from you. The round window is near big sales window is for daylight.

Mobile coffee cart

Two ends of the snack trailer also have the ventilation windows too. When you work at day, you can get enough daylight into the coffee cart. And you will feel the good air flow. The tailing light system is at the bottom half part. The tail lighting colors can be consistent with yours. Then the catering trailer right side is with one door for you to come in. The door all is glass type. And the wooden style really looks very textured and high quality. The mobile coffee cart has durable single axle wheels, jacks and tow bar. The whole chassis can support the cafe kitchen trailer well.

Mobile coffee cart 2

Mobile coffee cart 3

coffee trailer


Inside layout

You can put the coffee machines and other machines on counter suitable places. We also offer water sink system to you. All counters can have cabinets and shelves. The electricity devices are on the wall relevant places too. In this way, you can use machines conveniently.

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