Attractive Outdoor Food Stand Delicate Street Restaurant Booth

We can find there are many shops at the outdoor. The outdoor booths bring many convenience to people in life, especially the food booths. When people are hungry, they need to eat foods to improve their energies. Delicious foods can make people very happy. With the rise of street businesses, the outdoor food stand play the most useful role on the retail business. How can your booth be standout? Let’s see one kiosk for reference.

Outdoor food stand description

The outdoor food stand design is ingenious. It use many elements to make the decorations to the food stand. They can express many brand concepts and ideas to people which can resonates with people emotionally. Let’s look at details. The kiosk structure surface mainly is green board with grains and beige white flat board. They have different textures.


At the facade, here is one service window at middle, and window edge has black and white grid decoration. The window top has some atmosphere lamps. What’s more, the facade left side has one blue and white board extend from kiosk to floor. A big and creative pink logo is on such light blue board. And some lamps are around the logo.

The facade right side, there is small ventilation window with the frame decoration. And small frame has two pictures. One retro lamp is at such small window top to offer atmosphere lighting. Under the windows, there is a little pink ornament. And some posters of drawings cross each other which corresponds to where the ventilation window is. One creative sign with red lighting stands at the kiosk left side to lead people. The facade layout is fantastic. Through the window, we can see that food kiosk left top has some building feature style. They are some pillars which have relevant distance and these area is empty.

Outdoor food stand


Kiosk right side

This is the right part of the outdoor food stall. The left corner leaves the clean and pure beige white board to show the drawing. The logo is shown on novel lighting board. And ice skates are hanged at the bar under it, which is beyond imagination. It means freedom. One beautiful girl model is the waiter to serve you. And her feet is put on one round board. The round board has two colors, blue and white. At the right corner, there is the light box to show model which endorses coco cola beverage. The big black and white grid decoration covers the kiosk corner and show beverage brand too. Its top also has retro lamp.

outdoor food kiosk

Back side

The back side also has a good decoration layout. The ice skates are at the top part and bottom is the beautiful luminous logo. What’s more, the glass door is big and it has white frame decoration. Several lamps with warm lighting are above the door.

food stall

Top view

From the top view of snack kiosk, we can see that floor design is creative and unique. The first floor is wooden type. And its surface has the black and white grid decoration which connects that corner big ornament. Besides, the floor and surface decoration forms irregular shape. It is so amazing to show beautiful layering feelings to people.


If you have a crush on it, do it now. Such a wonderful street restaurant booth would be very attractive. We can customize if you have better and more creative ideas.


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