Attractive Outdoor Gift Kiosk Modern Retail Booth in the Street

Do you like gifts? I am sure most people answer yes. It’s a profitable idea to open a gift kiosk outdoors, especially for DIY products. With the progress of the times, people’s aesthetics have also undergone tremendous changes. Compared with traditional gifts, people are more inclined to delicate handmade art. Exquisite craftsmanship and unique shape are popular. If you plan to start a business, opening a gift kiosk in the street is the first choice.

outdoor gift kiosk

Description of  the gift kiosk

As we can see in the design, this outdoor gift kiosk has a special roof with ribbon-shaped flower decorations. It looks like a real gift box about to be opened from the distance, and there are decorative straps escaping as roof decoration. The 4 columns also have golden spot decoration, making the gift box kiosk looks vivid.

outdoor retail kiosk

Details information

As we can see there are sales windows on 4 sides, poeple can see inside decoration when passing by. Besides, it can use as a sales window to attract people to enter your shop. Under the glass window has white flower baskets decoration, along with the blue brand theme to create a dreamy scene. Don’t forget to attach the business logo on the shop front.

outdoor souvenir kiosk

Inside layout of gift kiosk

When entering the gift shop, there is a reception counter with a business wall on the right hand. You can serve people for the first time and can also check bills before they leave. There is metal display shelving on 3 sides, it’s good to show your products.

outdoor flower kiosk

Ceiling decoration

There are 6 chandeliers with pink shades on the ceiling, they are not only used for lighting, but they also decorate our shop very well, and the ceiling is covered with golden butterfly decoration, creating a cheerful and charming atmosphere. If you have a different idea about gift kiosk decoration, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can add them to make your outdoor retail shop more attractive.

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