Attractive Outdoor Mobile Phone Kiosk to Felixstowe

The mobile phone kiosk is mainly used to sell cell phones, phone covers, and accessories. It’s helpful to choose an outdoor mobile phone kiosk to earn money. No matter when you plan to start, this mobile phone kiosk can give you good ideas. Because it’s designed for US clients, based on his business and idea. View more details here.

mobile phone kiosk

Description of the outdoor retail kisok

Color: Blue and white color. It makes the mobile phone booth looks high-end and attractive.

Size: This outdoor kiosk size is 5m by 2m, which is a large location for outdoor retail booths. So, please measure the length and width, then we can make the outdoor phone stall matches it well.

Materials: The metal frame makes the outdoor kiosk stable to use. Plywood with the aluminum composite panel as the basic material has a smoothie effect. 8mm tempered glass to make the display showcase. Other materials include stainless steel, LED light, hardware, acrylic logo, etc.

Advantages: Display and sell all kinds of products related to mobile phones. The owner can also provide phone repair services here.

cell phone store fixture

Detail information

We can see in the design, that there are lightbox posters on the column and cabinets, that reminds poeple of your business. You can also promote new products. The glass counter has multiple functions because it has glass shelving on both sides. While the back wall has a slat wall display with LED light at the ceiling to increase brightness. The roof also has a spotlight to make your phone cover kiosk outstanding.

outdoor kiosk design

Like most smartphone kiosks, it has a roof, floor, lock door, and window. It’s a good idea to find a proper layout for the cabinets so that you can make full use of the space. Contact us now and get more information about cell phone booth design.

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