Attractive Street Coffee Stand Custom Outdoor Cafe Bar

Coffee is one of the most common drinks in our lives today. And beyond its simple energizing effects, the variety of flavors is growing. Almost everyone drinks coffee every day and coffee market is very big. You can have many consumers if you have coffee booth. At the outdoor, there are many creative booths nowadays. And they are so convenient for people’s lives. You can catch the opportunity to build one wonderful street coffee stand. In this way, your business will be outstanding.

Street coffee stand description

This coffee stand at the street is very distinctive. It matches the coffee theme very well. And its building structure is very special. Every corner of the coffee stand is round curved. The top area is bigger than the main structure, because here leaves the eaves for the street coffee stand. Then it won’t face the strong sunlight and rains. At the facade, one big and round signage is at the eave middle to show booth name. And other sides has small logos. The logo letters are orange and white on the black backboard. People can notice the highlighted sign. Besides, the coffee snack kiosk building 4 corners have the metal fences design, which looks hollow-out. But its inside parts have the glasses.

street coffee stand

The main sales window is round shape. On the wall, that designs one light boxes to show the menu of different coffees. When people in front of the menu, they can look for their tastes and pay for it at service window. And at another side, there is one oval shape window. People can also take coffees from this window. The structure can take people feel amazing when comparing with other food stalls. And they can see your inside decorations and working progress from 3 sides. You can put the coffee machines, other food machines and cups on the inside working counters.

outdoor coffee kiosk

outdoor coffee stall

At the back side of the coffee stand, the wall shows one big coffee poster to attract passers-by. And the poster beside is the door. The whole food stand windows sides also have the black rollers shutters doors for security. If you are off working from the booth, you can close the doors well.

street coffee kiosk


The basic materials to make the outdoor coffee stand are metal, plywood and high quality tempered glass. And the surface of structure and counters is the aluminum composite panels. All is high quality weather-proof type. It can withstand wind, sun and rain. All year around is available.

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