Attractive Street Ice Cream Booth Retail Outdoor Yogurt Stand

Ice cream is a hot selling in summer due to many factors. Its ability to cool down the body,its refreshing taste, and its association with summertime and holiday activities and so on. A street ice cream booth is helpful for a retailer. As it allows them to sell their products in a high-traffic area. In addition, it can attract new customers, and increase their profits by offering a popular and often impulse-purchased treat.

Street ice cream booth description

An outdoor ice cream booth is a staple for any summer festival or fair. And this particular booth has been designed with careful attention to detail. The white and orange color combination gives the booth a fresh and vibrant look. While the big ice cream model at the top right side immediately draws the eye.

The white acrylic logo at the yellow background with oval orange edges is simple and eye-catching. And it is easy for customers to remember the name of the street snack kiosk. The canopy is light pink with two support rods. Besides it is not only adds to the aesthetic but also flexible enough to be adjusted according to the weather. This feature ensures that the booth can still operate in harsh weather conditions.

street ice cream booth

The sales window is with an orange frame, and the layout is divided into several parts with different size windows. The small bar counter at the window front is perfect for holding something like napkins or spoons. And the top and bottom of the window have many ice cream posters, making it very attractive to customers.

On the right side of the snack stand, there is a half big window. While the left side has one pillar with a window and door. The pillar has some posters, and a big ice cream poster decorates the door. In this way, it can make the booth very vivid and attracting people to come and buy.

Inside, there are many ice cream machines and a big refrigerator, making it easy to sell varieties of ice creams. The food stall space has been arranged in a reasonable manner, with enough space for customers and staff to move around. The cashier register is placed on the counter, making it easy for customers to pay for their orders.


Overall, this outdoor ice cream booth has been designed with both form and function in mind. It is not only beautiful but also practical, ensuring that it can operate smoothly and efficiently. If you are looking for an outdoor ice cream booth that meets your specific requirements and style, this booth can be customized to your liking.

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