Attractive Street Ice Cream Stall Unique Outdoor Juices Kiosk

Cold food and drinks are also popular, especially in hot weather. The ingestion of cold foods and drinks is enjoyable due to the effects of oral cooling. Cold food is a pleasure associated with quenching thirst and refreshing effects. You can own one street ice cream stall to make business. We can see many street booths in daily life. Have you learned about them? Have a view together.

Street ice cream stall description

This one ice cream stall style is so creative and unique. It fulls with design imagination. The booth sells ice cream and juices together. The whole ice cream stall design also shows the green natural and health concepts. Look at its facade, we create one orange model shape, which is so special and interesting. The orange model top shows the big logo and bottom part shows many fresh juices patterns. The creative facade shape and these vivid sign and patterns can attract people directly. And people can catch the information from the design well. And middle area is the service window.

Street ice cream stall

The roof part of the snack kiosk has 3 colors, which is yellow, green, cyan etc.. At the eaves, we set the spotlights which can show lighting for the booth. The right side also has the window and the counter wall has different ice cream and juices patterns. Patterns always can leave people deep impressions. The left side has one white door. And its two sides has the light boxes to show menus and foods pictures. Besides, you can place plants around the street ice cream stall. All windows are with the durable metal roller shutter doors for you to close the booth.

outdoor ice cream kiosk

food kiosk

Interior decoration

From the sales window, we can see that top has two light boxes to show menus too. It is easy for people to order the foods. At the front area, you can put one big freezer to display many tastes soft ice creams. The food kiosk inside part normally has the working counters for holding the machines. Besides, we can also leaves the space for you to put big refrigerator or big cabinets. The display shelves are on the wall for putting some flavours.

juice kiosk


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