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Street snack stall is necessary at roads because they provide quick and affordable food options for people who are on the go. These stalls offer a variety of snacks and drinks, such as sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, chips, and soft drinks. They are often located in busy areas where people gather, such as near public transportation hubs, markets, and tourist attractions. Street snack stalls also contribute to the local economy and provide job opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Street snack stall description

The street snack stall is a sight to behold with its attractive, eye-catching design. One cannot miss its bright red color which easily catches attention from a distance. The stall is designed for the convenience of drivers who pass-by. And it offers them a stall service where they can stop and grab a quick snack or drink.

street booth

The outdoor food booth offers a wide variety of snacks and drinks that are sure to make people full. Its white roof and extend curved canopy at two sides provide ample shade for customers. The useful canopies also help in keeping the food and drinks fresh and cool. The kiosk’s three sides are made of glass, which makes it easy for people to see inside.

street snack stall

Two sides of the stall have T shape red decorations and six light-boxes displaying different snack brands in different colors. The special arch-shaped door with yellow acrylic lights at the edge and spotlights at the top. These features add to the charm of the stall. A display stand at the door showcases different snacks, making it easy for people to take their pick.

street snack kiosk

One big canopy covers the facade. And there is a cashier desk at the facade area with a top display of snacks. The booth roof has a red sign with luminous letters, showing people where they can buy their snacks. There is also a small logo at the top edge of the stall.


The interior of the outdoor snack kiosk is well lit, with many bright spotlights and lamps at the ceiling. Besides, a fan at the top ensures that the stall remains cool and comfortable for you and customers. What is more, the floor is thick and sturdy, withstanding the daily foot traffic.

The stall’s design is not only attractive during the day but also at night, with bright lights illuminating the area. And it offers a convenient stop for people who need a quick snack as they drive by.

outdoor kiosk


The booth’s design is customizable, with options to choose the size, color, layout, style, and other features to meet the customer’s specific needs. In addition, the stall offers professional services, making the whole process hassle-free for the customer.


Overall, the street snack stall is a wonderful addition to any area. It is with its attractive design, convenience, and wide range of snacks and drinks on offer. Contact us freely.

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