Attractive sweet dessert cart mobile food trolley for outdoor use

Now more and more people starting their mobile food carts. An outdoor cart cost is low and easy to work. Same as kiosks, the look of mobile food cart also very important. Attractive look will help attract customers.

Myfoodkiosk has rich experience in designing and making customized food carts. Here is a nice dessert cart we just did share with you. See this cart, its body all used bright red color, the countertop used white stone. There have golden lines and golden pattern on surface, they looks very nice. There has a stainless steel sink on the countertop for wash. Next to the sink is a dessert machine. The back side have cabinets and drawers for storage. It comes with wheels, so you can push it freely, you can change locations anytime you want. It is very convenient and functional.

mobile dessert cart

Detailed info about this sweet dessert cart

outdoor food cart

Size: 2.2m by 0.8m

Color: red and white color

Materials used: high density MDF wood with red and golden paint finish

Countertop: white corian stone

Accessories included: illuminated logos, engraving pattern, sink, canopy, wheels

street food trolley

What questions you will have before ordering this food cart?

  1. How to assemble this dessert cart?

A: it will arrives whole assembled. Before we load it we will finish all assemble, we will assemble logos, sink, glass cover, canopy, electricity etc. When you received you just need to connect your location electricity then can use.

  1. Do you accept customize?

A: Yeah we accept customize. The colors, size, logo, style all can redesign as your needs.

  1. How will you pack it? Is it safe?

A: we will use EPE foam and pearl cotton protect this cart surface and all frames, then put it into a durable wood box.

  1. How long you will need to make this cake cart?

A: Production will need about 18-20 work days

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