BBQ Kiosk 11m by 6m Outdoor Rotisserie Booth Design to Nigeria

BBQ is one of the most popular food businesses in the world. People like BBQ with their family and friends in their spare time. It can increase mutual affection and satisfy the taste buds. Opening a BBQ kiosk is a profitable idea. Here is a modern and attractive rotisserie booth to share with you. It’s designed for a Nigerian customer.

outdoor food booth

Introduction of outdoor rotisserie kiosk

This BBQ kiosk includes a service kiosk, kitchen room, takeaway counter, dining table with chairs, and office room. Please view the layout plan below. The front of the kiosk is used as a dining hall with a service counter, poeple order and eat food here. While the side has a sales window, that is convenient for take-away orders.

outdoor rotisserie kiosk

The kitchen room is at the back side, that connection with the service counter by a window. Orders can be quickly communicated to the chef, and the prepared dishes can be delivered to customers immediately. Close to the kitchen room is the office room and storage room. That is good for managing the store and staff meetings.

outdoor fast food booth

Service counter

The service counter uses colorful strips to decorate the counter body. The black stone countertop high level the shop theme and can make the kiosk better. Moreover, you can use white tile to decorate the wall to hang the menu and posters to attract poeple. However, we will also leave space for a display showcase and beverage equipment, so that clients can pick up beverages directly. More fast food kiosk design

outdoor fast food kiosk

Outside BBQ kiosk design

The main tone of the BBQ kiosk is dark gray, which high level the shop theme and makes poeple notice you well. Besides, we can also attach the business logo and posters to the wall for advertising. If you plan to open an Outdoor Rotisserie Booth, pls contact us immediately.

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