Beach Wine Shipping Container Outdoor Drinks Kiosk For Sale

Normally, people like to go to bar shops to have drinks to make themselves relaxed and happy. But nowadays, the outdoor activities are more popular. Most people like to enjoy their holidays at beach. Then the retail beach kiosks are also more and more at beach to serve the visitors. If you plan to start a wine and drink business at beach with a attractive kiosk, there must be many consumers. Next, let’s learn about one wonderful wine drink shipping container.

Wine shipping container exterior

Here is one black 20ft shipping container and you can put it at the beach. It has a very good design. First, its two sides can be open when you work and close when you not at work. The doors can make the whole wine bar safe. For the front side, it has a big sunshade. It can keep out of the strong sunshine or heavy rains for the consumers and offer them a comfortable environment. Besides, it has relevant floor for the customers area. The shipping container material is metal which is very durable for many years.

wine shipping container

The back side of the wine shipping container can have some decorations. Here is the 3D luminous logo at the middle. The logo can let people know your business and some concepts. Besides, it is an important sign for people to remember your booth. It can also add some posers at back side if you like. Its left side has a circle shape tempered glass window with irregular frame, which looks special.

wine shipping container logo

Wine bar layout

The wine bar interior design is so modern and beautiful. It has a bar counter for the bartender to work. The bar counter surface decorates with the wooden type and its countertop is black man-made stone. Besides, the logo also is at the bar counter middle. In front of the bar counter, there are so many tables and chairs for customers. The consumers can enjoy their happy time here and see the bartender makes the drinks directly, which is very atmospheric. In addition, there are many beautiful lamps at the bar counter top, which can let people feel warm and comfortable. A wine display wooden shelf is against the wall. It has different display layers layout and can show many kinds wines or some decorations.

Besides, there is the sink is near the shelf. The wall decoration is divided into two parts. In addition to the shelf, another part has a very creative decoration. Square wooden board and square mirrors decoration are near each other, which is with a good layering feeling. Besides, there is a comfortable sofa with table and chairs. Some people can also sit inside the wine kiosk.

wine shipping container layout

Here is more clearer vision of the wine shipping container. The ceiling is decorated well. There are also the mirrors at the ceiling. And spotlights are at the black boards. The mirrors can improve the space feeling in people’s vision and it can reflect the lights very well. The lights can meet the features of the drinks bar better. Besides, the floor is beautiful wooden type. The interior design is so luxury and high-end which can be like a shop.

3D design

If you want to change the layout or the whole design to meet your brand concepts, we can talk about your ideas and requirements first. The design needs 300USD but it includes 3D effect, changes, and drawing with details. The time costs about 2-4 working days. The design is the basic for the production.

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