Beautiful Retail Ice Cream Cart Mobile Fast Food Trailer

Eating ice cream can make people feel very happy. Why? First, the ice cream is sweet food and it is iced. When people eat it in the summer, people can feel cool and body gets relaxation. Second, it has many different tastes and styles for people. When people eat it they can have a good mood, especially the girls. When you sell ice creams, you can have a good business. But for retail business, you need one retail ice cream cart.

Retail ice cream cart description

Wow! The colors on the retail ice cream cart is so beautiful, because deep pink and black matches well. And this color combination is creative, the middle areas are main black, and the external frame is deep pink. These colors fill every side of the cart body. And the front end of the food trailer has a great traction system, which can bear generator and air conditioner equipment together. It has a lot of load-bearing capacity and very strong for pulling the cart. Besides, one ventilated window is at the front end which is basic structure. You can open it when you start working.

Retail ice cream cart

The big sales window has a special structure at black area. The chains holds one small bar counter at bottom and the telescopic rod supports the canopy at top to avoid hot sunlight. And the sales area has several windows with metal frame with relevant sliding door. The diamond shape brackets and the wheels are under the chassis but can support the snack cart body well.

Retail ice cream cart

And a door normally is at the another end of the catering trailer. You can lock the cart at deep night when no working. It is enough big for you. The useful tailing lights are transverse. It can be your country standard type. On the retail ice cream cart corners, there are the reflective signs, then people can see it especially when you pull it at night.

Retail ice cream trailer


  1. The body is made of glass steel and galvanized sheet, with insulation layer. It is durablewith long service life
  2. This model is very popular in the market because of its cheap price and various styles.
  3. High quality stainless steel workbench, non-slip aluminum floor,all iseasy to clean and no rust.
  4. The internal equipment can be customized according to your needs.
  5. Free paint or design pretty logos/stickers in prospect.

food trailer

snack truck


Dimension(L*W*H): 3000*2000*2380mm

Weight: 800kg


mobile snack trailer



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