Beautiful Retail Ice Cream Trailer Cheap Green Food Truck

No matter where you are, you can see all kinds of ice creams at the street or retail shops. That is a so big ice cream market. People like to eat iced food in summer. If you plan to the sell it but without too much cost for a shop, the retail ice cream trailer can meet your needs. Follow me to learn about the food trailer features. You’ll love it.

retail ice cream trailer

Retail ice cream retailer description

Wow! So beautiful the ice cream trailer is! The color of the food trailer is light green. When people see such one color, they will feel comfortable and natural in their eyes. The color is also one important effective actor to attract consumers. Here we can see the durable tow bar holds the air conditioner device outside. And the another part is inside the retail ice cream trailer. You can adjust the temperature in summer or winter to fit the weather. In this way, you can get one comfortable environment to sell foods. The tow bar still has the guide wheel and chains, which is complete device for mobile.

retailer ice cream trailer 2

And the big sunshade can make the sales area cool. When people come to buy ice cream, the sunshade can help them hide the big sunshine or rains. It is very good for the customer area. Besides, the wheels type is optional for you to choose single axle or double axle. Here on the food truck, it is single axle type. Look at the rear of the ice cream trailer, it has a arch shape door. You can enter or exit freely. And it has the locks for safety. And the retail ice cream trailer has the turn lights, and it can be the same as your country standards.

retail ice cream trailer 3

Another side of the ice cream trailer is glossy. It has no some decorations on it but still looks very nice. The pure light green improve its grade. What’s more, your logo and poster can be put on the food trailer which makes it more colorful and attractive. The food truck bottom has 4 brackets to offer more balance power when you park it.

ice cream truck

Trailer layout

Here is clear vision of the ice cream trailer layout. The air conditioner is at the top and the long side top has the stainless steel display shelves. You can put many things on the shelves which is convenient for working. Besides, the devices at top won’t take up too much space. Two sides has the working counters which is stainless steel. And the metal counters also are with many shelves and the sinks. You can take good use of the countertop and storage shelves. We can see the machines can be on the countertop suitably. Inside the trailer, all electric device, lamps are equipped.

trailer layout

Other color

Red, pink, black, blue, white, yellow or all colors are okay for the food trailer surface.

white food trailer


Galvanized sheet is for the whole ice cream trailer structure. And stainless steel is for the counters and shelves. Some accessories are necessary such as the wheels turn lights, hardware accessories. Out of website from here.

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