Big Mobile Catering Van Street Cake Bakery Trailer Design

Street snacks are a popular and profitable industry business at present. People always like to go to food street to enjoy their holiday time with friends. If you can catch the opportunity, you will be the first one who eat crab. Plan needs action. Our catering van will be the platform for you to start your business. Today, let’s see how useful the catering van is.

Catering van description

This one catering van is big and it has two sales windows to sell baked food. Its other two ends also have small arch shape windows. The van is ventilated. People can see your van inside from 4 directions. Two big sales window can show people what food you sell directly. The catering van color is pink, which is romantic and match the cakes and bread item. A creative and big logo is on the van front side. There is one QR code at beside. People can learn about the information from QR code, which is considerate and creative. Such decoration can make the food trailer more colorful. It can be also without any decoration. The logo can let people remember your booth clearly and easily.

catering van

At the opposite side, it also has a beautiful cakes pattern. It is so nice. When people pass by the back side of the catering van, they can also know your food. Besides, the monitor is at the top, and it can help you record some situations. The tow bar is for you to pull it to the places conveniently. The guide pulley is at front of tow bar, then when you pull it, it can lead the van body.

catering van 1

For such big van, it has double axles, which can be more stable. It also has 4 lifting jacks and add more stability. The big door is at the van rear. It has the durable and safe lock. In addition, the tail lights is necessary at the rear, which can let other drivers can keep safe distance.

catering van2

Food van layout

From the view, we can see the layout arrangement so clearly. When customizing the catering van, we offer machines together such as sink, freezer, refrigerator etc. and you don’t worry about anything. The stainless steel counters with relevant cabinets and shelves for storage. Some counter bottom is empty for putting machines suitably and reasonably. We also divide the working area for you. The kitchen lampblack machine is at the wall, which is environmental when making food. And some machines such as display freezer can be on the countertop too. The middle area is enough wide for you to act comfortably.

catering van layout

Besides, the floor is non-slip to keep you stand safely and it is with drain for clean well. The ceiling has the simple lamps and some electric devices are on the food van wall. You can use them casually. All can is your standard. What’s more, we can also make the storage cabinets at the wall. It is very useful. The catering van has double pools sink with cold/hot tap. Besides, we also offer complete pump, tanks, floor drain etc.

Customer feedback

When the owner got the catering van, he makes it more beautiful. He put many flowers at the window top and put some green plants inside, which is more romantic and charming. What’s more, he displays the menus, some breads, cakes, candies with beautiful packaging to attract customers. So wonderful it is!

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