Big Outdoor Food Booth Durable Street Fast Food Kiosk

Nowadays,people have no so many energies to do cooking at home. Most people like to have foods at the outdoor restaurant or booths. There are many kinds of delicious foods in people’s life. It is a good chance for you to do one food booth. If the restaurant costs you too much, you can consider the outdoor food booth. Sometimes, the retail booth is more popular. People can have their meal at any time and casually.

Outdoor food booth description

4 sides of this one outdoor food booth is open to welcome the consumers. Normally people like open type booths, because they can see the whole layout and feel the booth atmosphere directly. If you have needs of the security, we can make shutters for each side. 4 pillars and the top part is wooden style. We use high quality fire-proof plates to decorate the surface. And there are many different options. The creative white logo at the top two ends to show people information. Then people can know they can get fast foods and drinks from the booth easily. A short and clear sign can show the main concept of the food kiosk directly.

Outdoor food booth

The kiosk counters surface looks so unique, creative and textured. You can see that surface is stone poster decoration and their external parts have the black lattice frame to cover. Two sides of the outdoor food stall are the dining counters for the consumers. You can put many chairs in front of the counters. It is for consumers who want to enjoy meals at the booth. Besides, there are the canopies for the consumers areas. The sunlight or rains can’t shot on people.

Outdoor food kiosk

outdoor food stall

Interior layout introduction

At two ends, there are big and tall rectangle glass display showcases. You can display some snacks or some finished foods for consumers to choose. What’s more, in the food concession stand, there are still the working counters around 4 sides. It is for you to use machines to make foods. The middle space is very big and you can work comfortably. Besides, the ceiling also hangs the bright lamps, which is one part of the booth decoration also. When they are bright at night, your booth is with much feeling of catering restaurant atmosphere.

street food concession stand


This size of the outdoor food booth is 10*12ft, which is very big. The big kiosk can allow more layout design and can be more rich and attractive to catch people’s eyes. No matter how big you want for your kiosk, we can meet the dimension needs.

outdoor snack kiosk


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