Big Outdoor Hot Dog Truck Street Pink Fast Food Trailer

Hot dog is one very delicious fast food. The retailers can sell the hot dogs directly or use them as the ingredients for the hamburgers, breads or other foods. Many people also like to eat the hot dog fast food. We can see many retail booths at the street, there are also many retail trucks. If you want a convenient and free business, the hot dog truck is really a good choice. Today we introduce one for you.

Hot dog truck head area

Here is one big retail hot dog truck and you can drive it to any places you like. You can place it at a busy street to sell the hot dogs. The truck has 4 big wheels which can bear heavy car body stably. The hot dog truck combines from two parts. The truck head front part is driving area. Its accessories are complete as the same as the normal car. It has motorized equipment inside. It has a rear view mirror, windshield wipers, lights, license plates and more. But its surface is more colorful because it has the decorations. Two people can sit in the driving area.

hot dog truck 1

Food truck body area

We can see that the whole big truck is with pink poster. There are many patterns in the poster to express people a cute and interesting atmosphere and style. Besides, at the truck top, there is one big hot dog shape sign to show the information. Two black flags are at truck top two sides too. The flags also show the hot dog patterns. The top part decoration is special and attractive because it offers people a kind of pirates decoration atmosphere. The truck has one big sales window. The window bottom has a bar for putting the menu, ingredients and some cooked hot dogs and other foods for people. It is convenient for people who line up. The hot dog truck rear has the tail lights, which can make you safe when you drive it.

hot dog truck

Hot dog truck layout

The truck internal part has multi-functional and complete devices. Two sides have the stainless steel counters and they can’t get rust. Even you use them for many years, they are still like the new one. The counters offer you the working areas, and you can put relevant machines, tools, food materials, ingredients to make the hot dogs for people. The ceiling can have smooth decoration and lamps. The LED light strip is also at the window shelter. It can offer lights and also increase the atmosphere. The shelter also can make people feel cool under the big sun. The electric device are inside the truck, you can use flexibly.

hot dog truck 2

About us

Our factory are specializing in custom services of the outdoor trucks for you. No matter what you want to sell, we can make it match your style and the theme. We will arrange a good layout for your hot dog machines and design a good outside decoration to enhance your brand. Welcome to ask any helps on the truck questions and needs.

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