Big Pizza Trailer Booth Yellow Fast Food Truck

So why do people like pizza? Because it is crisp outside tender inside, rich milk flavor, with delicious to conquer people’s taste buds. Its material selection is safe and the ingredients are abundant. Pizza is obvious, but it is welcomed by many parents and young people who pay attention to the safety of food ingredients. Some people like to have pizza shop or pizza trailer booth. Do you want one? We can offer you the best option to you to save cost.

Pizza trailer booth description

The pizza trailer booth is very special and very big. Pizza trailer at the street can help you bring many attentions from passer-by. The pizza trailer booth color is bright and attractive yellow type. People can put the first eyes on the yellow one from others. What’s more, the kiosk edge decoration is black. The front head has the strong towing cover and it can hold big and heavy toolkit or the equipment you use. There is no ventilation window at the front head. And its right side has the door for exit and enter.

Pizza trailer booth

The service windows are  at the food truck left side two ends. They not only are the sliding door type but also have the sunshades. Under the window, the cart body has the foldable holding table, which is for disabled use. It is so considerable for the consumers. And some shining lamps are near the windows.

food trailer

The back side leaves the area to hold one big chimney which is so useful. Its equipment is very big and the food trailer board can hold it very stable. The durable wheels with double axles are designed at the back half part. In addition, around the cart body bottom edges, they are reflectors. The chassis with wheels are important part of the pizza trailer booth.

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