Big Retail Pizza Trailer Black Mobile Pizza Hamburger Food Truck

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. In the United States, 350 slices are eaten every second, and 40 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. Not only Americans like to eat, but also most countries people. It becomes a daily meal. To do a retail pizza business is wise at outdoor, and you need a high quality retail pizza trailer.

Retail pizza trailer description

The pizza trailer is very big and it can hold 4-5 staffs inside to work together. The retail pizza design is simple but with not simple decoration. Its color is black which is mysterious solemn and popular color. But every kind color is feasible for the pizza trailer, which depends on what style you like. One big light box at the retail pizza trailer top to show the logo. It can be very bright at night and lead consumers. The sales window with relevant sunshade is big and long, and you can serve customers better. There are the luminous decorations around the sales window 3 sets. They are also light boxes and show simple poster. The poster main color is white with some blue lines. When they are on the black background, they are eye-catching stuffs, because white and black is complement for each other.

retail pizza trailer

Besides, at the two sides light boxes’ top, there are two big strong square lights. They can offer bright lighting for the people when it is parked at the place without lights. It is so considerate for the consumers. And it can makes the retail pizza truck in people’s eyes well and people will come to buy foods. This is a decoration that kills two birds with one stone. The idea is very wise. What’s more, the LED light strips are at the outdoor pizza truck top and bottom. They are also the decoration parts.

outdoor pizza trailer

The mobile food trailer can’t have no the tow bar. It is an important accessory tool for you to put the pizza truck at any places. The tow bar can connect the trailer and car stably and it can also hold some heavy equipment. Most people like to have a air conditioner for the food truck. Then it is suitable to put the device and some stuffs on the tow bar.

retail pizza truck

From back side, it installs a door. When you work, you can open it for ventilation if you don’t open the air conditioner. At night, you can lock the door well for security. And the doors two sides has the turn lights system with brake device.

retail pizza truck

Lighting effect at night

The retail pizza trailer looks so beautiful at night with relevant lighting. Then people can notice the food truck at night well. If without lighting, the black food truck can’t catch people’ s attention.

outdoor food trailer

mobile food trailer


Look at the retail pizza internal part, we can see it has so enough devices. The stainless steel working tables, kitchen machines, display cabinets and shelves, sink system and electric equipment all are complete. Besides, it still has enough space in the middle channel for staffs.

food truck layout


The big pizza van dimension is L580xW200xH230cm. And inner size is 568*198cm. The outdoor pizza van size can be customized based on your needs.

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