Black Mobile Barbecue Trailer Unique Special BBQ Cart

People like to eat fry fast foods and barbecues and so on. Nowadays, the street food becomes a good business trend. The wise people would like to have the food trailers to start the street business.There are any kinds of barbecue trailers, and how to choose it? The customization is the best way for you, because everything can fit your own business well. Let’s see some details.

food trailer

Barbecue trailer description

The barbecue trailer color is black which looks so modern. And the colors is available. Besides, its shape is so creative and special. It is unique than other kind normal trailers. It is the useful way to attract the customers. The shape is irregular. The top has the big logo with a cute fonts. The logo will be luminous at night then people can see your food cart. The logo is your booth indicator light and lead people to your booth to but barbecue. We can see the sales window shape is also special. It is inverted trapezoidal shape with a orange board. The window shape combines with the barbecue whole shape is wonderful and show geometry beauty.

barbecue trailer

The wheels are with double axle in the BBQ cart chassis middle part. For such kind shape, the double axles wheels are more beautiful than the single axle. Besides, the tow bar can hold heavy stuff such as air conditioner. It has the chains, guide wheels for you to pull up the barbecue trailer.

Barbecue trailer 1

From the view of the barbecue trailer end, it has a ventilation window at top, and bottom has the tail lights which is the safe accessories. And 4 lifting jacks are more stable for you to use the food truck. The jacks can support the truck very well. The entrance is at another side of the food trailer.

BBQ trailer


This is the inner view of the barbecue truck. We can add the air conditioner and there are the stainless steel working tables. Besides, the BBQ truck still has the big space for you to put the refrigerator on the floor. Other small machines can be on the counters which is convenient for you to work. And the electric device is with a safe and beautiful workmanship on the wall. You can use them for the machines. And all is standard. The sinks are double pools with water tanks, pumps etc..

BBQ trailer layout

More perspectives

BBQ truck


BBQ trailer: 350*200*230

Packaging: 370*220*230

The width from 1.6 to 2.2m is okay. And length and height or can be customized.

Barbecue trailer 3

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