Black Mobile Ice Cream Trailer Custom Smoothie Truck

Once the hot days comes, the ice cream is one snack which belong to summer. The ice cream has big consumer group that is young people and children. Then almost every stalls sell the ice cream. At the street, some people use to the mobile ice cream trailer to sell it. You can have one simple but useful food trailer if you have the plans.

mobile food van

Mobile ice cream trailer description

Mobile function is very important for the retailers, because they can move to different places and expend their consumers range. So the ice cream trailer installs the wheels at the chassis. It is single axle type for the small cart body. Relevant cart size needs relevant wheels axle so that the whole ice cream truck can looks harmonious. What’s more, the jacks play role on stability. In order to keep balance, normally the mobile ice cream trailer has 4 jacks. The food trailer has the sales window, and its sunshade has the supporting pole for closing or opening flexibly.

mobile ice cream trailer

The tow bar of the food trailer is very important and very necessary. It is an integral part of the chassis. So it is very strong and durable. When you move the mobile food truck, you can rest assured. Besides, the tow bar has very safe system of the brake and chains. The triangle shape of it can take just a little space and it is more convenient for moving. The power supply device is under the ventilation.

mobile ice cream truck

We can see the mobile ice cream truck can hold many machines inside. There are ice cream freezer, water sink, ice cream machine etc.. And you can put some product accessories and cashier register on the countertop. Two sides counters have storage cabinets and shelves for putting something too. We can also see the food cart has the sockets, cable box, switch on the wall for machines use. And back side of the food trailer has the door and tail lights together.

food trailer


At the mobile food van inside white wall, it has a cute pattern to show slogan and picture. Under the sales window, the ice cream trailer body also has a big logo. When people see the logo, they can call out your booth and remember it. There are opportunities for you to develop it to the big brand with more chains. It is important to make a logo design for your own booth. Besides, the logo can be made different types. If you want it luminous, it is okay to do it.

ice cream truckColor

The surface of the mobile ice cream truck is black and its inside wall is white. Every kind color can be used on the cart singly or with a good colors combination. We can customize the colors.

food truck



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