Black Mobile Kitchen Trailer Durable Street Food Truck

Cooking is the basic survival skill for people’s life. Every can have the kitchen at their house. But some people can use this skill to run the food business well. A mobile kitchen trailer is affordable dream to person who is good at making the food. Are you looking for one your own mobile kitchen van? Follow me to learn about wonderful one.

food trailer

Mobile kitchen trailer description

The kitchen trailer color is black and looks so modern. What color of the kitchen trailer you want is feasible. Look at the mobile kitchen trailer, it is big and has two sales window. The two sales area can let customers line up in an orderly fashion to buy the foods from you. And in this way, customers will not crowded by each other. You can also improve the working efficiency to receive money and give food to people at the same time. Look at the tow bar with the guide wheels, it looks cool and solid. You can connect the car by its chains stably. Besides, it holds two buckets on the tow bar because it has a big load capacity. The front side has glass arch form window.

mobile kitchen trailer

Besides, the mobile kitchen trailer has beautiful stickers to show logos at 3 sides and creative patterns at rear side. You can show any kinds of the poster you want. The wheels here are double axles and looks better than single axle wheels if it is for big food trucks. And 4 jacks can offer more balance to the catering truck. You can stand inside to work safely.

mobile kitchen truck

From this direction, we can see the food trailer surface is so glossy with its beautiful radian. This side also has the logo sticker. In addition, the monitor at the top can help you observe the surrounding environment and record something.

mobile kitchen trailer 0

The colorful light strips are at the window sunshade inside part. It is so attractive at night. People like shining stuff very much. Besides, the orange light strip is at the mobile kitchen trailer frame. It can make people see the trailer at night. The lights are important for vision effect and atmosphere. It is fascinating for people.

mobile kitchen van

Internal show

The food truck inside part has everything. You can see the layout. The stainless steel working tables are with shelves at two sides. There are kitchen equipment, water sinks, lamps, electric box and power supply, sockets etc.. About the floor, it is 2.0mm aluminum non-slip floor with water drain. And it is with 15mm multiply plywood under it.


Layout 2

Customer feedback

Customer feedback of truck


More information please contact us. We can customize the color, size, layout, structure etc.. Out of website from here.

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