Black Mobile Snack Cart Special Kitchen Trailer For Sale

Nowadays, people can do business in many ways. And retail business is one very hot trend. They can sell fast foods and some daily commodities along the street or at some specific places. The food streets, parks, travelling places are very busy in holidays, the retailers can sell well. According to the flexibility, they prefer the mobile snack cart. How the cart would be? It can be customized any styles with multi-functions. Let’s take a view.

Mobile snack cart description

The most convenient and useful point of the snack cart is the movability. We set double axles of the wheels. And it can move smoothly when you pull it by cart. If you want to park the snack cart, the jacks can offer supporting too. The wheels tires are very high quality and wear-resistant. And it holds the whole cart body very stably. Its attractive point is the shape which is like the boat. It fits the boat structure features. The snack trailer has the sliding door selling window. The sliding door window is with high quality security lock. At its beside, it is set one round daylight window, which can be ventilated. In this way you can get fresh airs.

Mobile snack cart


The another side also is with the same sales window. But at its beside there is the entry door. The window top half part is glass, then you can see around situations. Look at the end of the food truck, it also has the ventilation glass window. So many windows can let you feel bright and wide inside the snack cart. What’s more, under the top eave 4 corners, we set the small lamps. Due to the mobile snack cart is black, so the lamps are very necessary. It is because the lighting can show your booth in people’s eyes at night. And tail light system is installed at end two sides.

food trailer

Food truck

Further more, the traction system is very high quality to bear heavy items. We can see it not only can bear the black toolkit but also can hold the air conditioner device stably. If you feel it is too hot in the catering trailer, you can use the air conditioner. The tow bar system is strong for you to move the snack cart. The guide wheel leads the direction of the cart.

snack trailer

Interior layout

The working counters design good space for putting machines. And the water sinks are in the counter too. The working counters and machines are the important part of the layout. We can offer you relevant machines if you have the needs. And you can put stuffs on the counter bottom shelves. You can take better use of the inside spaces of the kitchen cart. You won’t feel crowed even 2 or 3 persons inside together. The middle channel leaves suitable areas for you to work comfortably. The air conditioner is suitable to be put on the top and we all electricity devices on the wall. The ceiling part designs the lamps for night use.


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