Black Outdoor Coffee Booth Shipping Container Cafe Bar Design

Retailers like to sell coffee because it is a widely consumed beverage that has a high profit margin. It also attracts customers to the store, encourages them to stay longer, and can lead to additional purchases. If you don’t have enough cost but still want to do business, we can customize the outdoor coffee booth for you. It is very functional and afforadable for you.

coffee stall

Outdoor coffee booth description

The outdoor coffee booth is a sleek and modern metal structure type that spans 20 feet in length. Its black color exudes an edgy vibe that catches the eye of passersby

Three sales windows with canopies make up the main sales area of the booth. The sales window area has wooden board decorations, giving it a touch of rustic charm.

outdoor coffee booth

In front of the sales windows, there is a dining bar counter and chairs for customers to enjoy their coffee. The table and chairs have a sturdy metal structure, while the countertop is made of wood.

A menu is prominently displayed in between the two sales windows, making it easy for customers to order. The cafe food stall facade’s two ends have three layers of display shelves to showcase green plants as decoration.

street coffee kiosk

At the coffee stall’s top, there is a white acrylic logo, which adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. And people can know your business from the sign. It is good to bring some consumers who want to drink coffees. The door is situated on the left side, making for easy access to the booth’s interior.

cafe bar

Interior design

The coffee kiosk interior layout is well thought out, with working counters to hold machines and a backside with wooden stands. Besides, these stands are perfect for displaying utensils, machines, or decorations to make your work more efficient. The warm lighting inside creates a cozy atmosphere that is sure to make customers feel welcome.

food concession stand

The outdoor coffee booth’s 3D design is easily customizable, meaning you can have a stall produced based on your unique ideas. In addition, With its modern aesthetic and functional design, this coffee booth is sure to be a hit wherever it’s placed.

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