Black Retail Coffee Container Small Street Cafe Bar For Sale

Most people have a dream of owning their coffee booth. People can spend their time on their coffee booth. Sometimes, the retail booths can support the retailers’ life. It is because that it can help you bright profits when you sell foods in busy places. But the another important element is the booth design, which can affect the customers flow. So we are willing to help you design and produce it. Today, I will show one retail coffee container for reference.

Retail coffee container description

The style of the booth is the shipping container structure. But it has a creative facade design. Normally the the rear part is used as the door for entry. But for this one retail coffee container, the rear part is selling area. And the doors are the image wall to show the booth menus, brand concepts with patterns. When you open the selling window, the doors are at two sides which is so creative to show different contents. The interesting image wall is one part to attract people to learn about your brand concepts. You can also show your logo on it. The real entry door is set at the coffee snack kiosk right side. You can come or out from the booth freely.

Retail coffee container

Interior design

Let’s look into the coffee food booth. One black and beige counters are in front side. It is the place for you to put cashier register and make some coffee package for consumers. It has the drawers and cabinets for you to store something. It is very useful. Besides, the logos can be on the counters. When people pass your booth, they can see logos directly. What’s more, we can also help you make the stainless steel tables in the food stands for putting all kinds of machines. We make the wooden floor in the coffee stand. And the lamp is very delicate. The interior wall is glossy white wall, which looks clean and modern. You can also hang some tools and green plants on wall shelves.

outdoor coffee kiosk

3D design service

If you have the requirements of the booth style, color, size, layout, decorations etc, all can be solved. Our professional design team can play their imagination to create unique style for you. We also offer modification services. We can finish initial design in 2-4 working days. And the design fee is very favorable which just costs 300USD.

street coffee booth

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