Black Small Coffee Trailer Retail Coffee Trailer For Sale

Coffee culture is becoming more and more developed. Coffee has increasingly become one of the important living conditions in life that cannot be ignored and cannot be replaced. This is the fundamental reason why people can’t live without coffee. You can sell many coffee types by small coffee trailer at streets. It is one flexible retail business. We can offer you high quality customized food trailers.

Small coffee trailer description

The special point of the coffee trailer is its irregular shape, which looks so unique and special. It will be outstanding and competitive to catch people’s eyes. The small coffee trailer in such kind shape looks more tiny and cute. Even it is small but can ply biggest role with its all complete devices. The sales window edges are orange which adds a bit of color for the food truck. The window following surface has many lines, which creates the decorations too. And the double axles wheels car bub is white and other parts are black. From the whole of this side, it looks so cute which is like the cartoon image.

Small coffee trailer


The front head angle is round curved shape. At the beside, there are several external power supplies for you to connect the electricity. Besides, the chassis has the tow bar device with one guide wheel to lead direction and help moving. The tow bar device can bear about 500KG such big weight. In order to hold something more stable on the kitchen trailer, we set one non-slip board on the tow bar. Then you can put devices on it.

food cart


The door can offer security for the snack trailer, and it is at the trailer left side. The top has one small square window for range hood. The rear also sets one window. Due to rear part is not flat, so the window has one frame which is protruding. The rear two sides have two lines of tail light system with reflective triangle signs. All windows and door frames are orange. When you open them, you can get daylights and ventilation, which make you comfortable. And big sunshades can help you cover big sunlight and rains. The covered area will be cool. Besides, we can see there are straight jacks at the chassis bottom.

snack trailer

food truck


Interior design

We look at the interior part from the window, all is perfect. The whole wall is with white paint which looks very clean and bright. The stainless steel working counters are around 4 sides except that door way. The 3 pools water sinks are at the short end side. You can use different machines to make coffees and fast foods on the counters. The counters bottom parts have storage spaces. The big kitchen range hood is hanged at the food cart wall top part. Two lamps are at the roof. The electricity devices are on the wall then you can use machines.

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