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Coffee booths are always popular by many people, especially at the street. When people have the time to walk at the street, they can pick up your coffee by the way. For the booths, there are many types. Some retailers have carts, kiosks, trailers etc.. Are you looking for one unique and special street coffee trailer? How about the following one? Let’s take some views on it.

Street coffee trailer description

This one coffee trailer is very special type. The booth structure is the trailer cart body type, but it is immovable and it’s fixed in one place well. The whole cart body is with coffee stickers. So the street coffee trailer looks colorful and modern. From this view, we can see that it not only has the long sales windows, but also has the door at beside. One stair in front of the door makes it easy for you to go up and down. What’s more, the coffee snack cart also has the single axle wheels in the cart body middle as decoration. And 4 corners are not the lifting jacks, which are cement cylinders to support the cart.

Street coffee trailer

Due to the it is not movable food truck, it has no traction system at two ends. It has total 3 big sales windows with the canopies. When you in the street coffee trailer, you will feel it is very ventilated and comfortable. The smell of coffee can come from the window easily to lead people to your booth. And you can sell coffees and other foods to consumers at these three any windows. This greatly improves your productivity.

street coffee trailer

coffee truck

Internal design

The inside working benches are very beautiful. The working benches are white and its countertop are man-made stone which looks so glossy. The counters are around the catering truck 3 sides. Their following spaces can be made into many types, and there are drawers, cabinets and shelves. Different storage types have different usages.


The wall is white to hang the sockets and lamps at ceiling. The white wall can let people feel its the inside area is wide and comfortable. Besides, the floor is glossy wooden style. The whole interior layout is clean, simple and easeful.


> Can I make my own food trailer?

Yes, of course. We can help you make design effect first.

> How does it ship?

The shipping way is by sea, because it is big cargo.

> Is the wire suitable for our machines uses?

Yes, we offer standard voltage wire according to your country use.

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