Blue Color Fast Food Kiosk- Outdoor Crepe Stand Design to Trinidad and Tobago

Outdoor crepe kiosk is very popular in the fast-food industry. Because it has a delicious taste and doesn’t need to wait a long time to get food. We recently made a new outdoor food kiosk design for selling crepes, it meets the US standard and for clients from Trinidad and Tobago. Here is a nice design drawing to share with you.

fast food kiosk

Outdoor cepe kiosk dimension

This crepe kiosk size is 10ft by 7ft, it is a standard outdoor kiosk size for food business. The height is 8ft, which is good for delivery to the location. Counter height is 2.95ft, which is convenient for work. We can see there is a 7.87 inches plate outside, which is good for clients to sit down and eat food.

food concenssion kiosk

Introduction of the food concession stand

This crepe kiosk’s main tone is blue with red decoration, which looks very attractive. Inside furniture includes a cashier counter and crepe display counter. We can also add a water sink, and leave enough space for equipment. It also has lighting, wires, electronic boxes, and sockets for usage. With the entrance door on the left side, clients won’t enter the shop. While the right wall has glass display cabinets, that can place beverages here for sale.

outdoor crepe kiosk

More information

Don’t ignore the back wall, it’s a good idea to attach posters and the brand logo here. Besides, there is a stainless steel logo stand on the roof, so poeple view you from far away. Menu and posters hang inside the food kiosk so that poeple can view the items you sell. If you have any idea about food booth decoration, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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