Blue Mobile Food Trucks Custom Snack Trailer For Sale

In today’s society, More and more friends choose to use mobile food truck to start a business. Food trucks have beautiful designed, and it is easy to attract customers.It can support you to sell many fast foods. Mobile food trucks have small investment and large profits. You don’t need to rent a storefront, nor do you need decoration fees and other expenses. It saves a lot of money and is especially suitable for friends who want to start a small business.

Mobile food truck description

The mobile food truck design is common but standard. It is with pure blue color and doesn’t have too many flaring decorations. Its frame edges are silver and the blue parts are inside the silver edge. The sales window is long and big here, which is more convenient for you to receive the customers well. From this side, we can see the truck equips single axle wheels at the chassis middle. And 4 lifting jacks can be up and down flexibly when you operate. You can place the it on the floor stably.

mobile truck 1

When you open the sales window, the sunshade can make this part shade. People can stand in front of the window under the cool place to wait for their foods. You can see the shadow effect in the picture. Besides, the sunshade has many LED light strips and they can be luminous at night. The lighting effect is wonderful, and lighting colors can be colorful or single. From the window, consumers can see your inside layout.

street food trailer

The front head of the mobile food truck, the tow bar can hold the air conditioner device and two buckets. You can also put other equipment because the tow bar has a big load capacity. A guide wheel and chain are parts of the tow bar and they have relevant functions.

food van

The door is usually at the catering trailer end. And the turn lights and triangular tip sign are necessary at the end too. After all, it is a truck when you pull it on the road. Then the drivers who are behind the truck, they can see the situation well for safety.

food trailer back side

Standard device

Besides the mobile food truck structure, the standard device are complete for you. The water cycle system includes sinks, cold and hot water tags, water tanks, pumps and control switch etc.. And electric device includes external power supply, lamp device, 7 bin connectors, sockets, voltage governor, fuse/connecting box and external cables and so on.


It is 300*200*230cm and customization is available.

Mobile food truck3

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