Blue Mobile Ice Cream Truck Retail Smoothie Juices Trailer

Most people like summer this season very much rather than winter,because they can hold many activities everywhere. And they like eat ice cream in the hot days. The ice foods also can let people feel cool and happy. Most retailers like to sell ice creams, juices and bubble teas by the mobile ice cream truck. No matter where they go, they can have many consumers. The market is big and the ice cream truck can plays its biggest function and make you have max profits.

Mobile ice cream truck description

This is one retail ice cream kiosk and you can use it to sell many fast foods or beverages. It is commonly use because it doesn’t have other decoration or information to mark its main business. The whole cart color is blue, and other colors are also feasible. The colors and decoration on the ice cream trailer can stand out in a crowd. The mobile ice cream truck is with two sales windows. When you open it, it can have the sunshade. If you close the window, it is seamless and even rains can’t flow into the food cart body. The double axle wheels are at the chassis. The wheels are very wear- resistance even you pull the truck to far away place. Besides, it can support the truck well with a big bearing capacity.

mobile ice cream truck

Look at the mobile ice cream truck rear, this is the entrance and exist for you. The door is has the arch ventilation window and a safe lock. You can observe the scenery and get a cool wind from the small window too. Or you can open the door directly. And the turn lights and sign are at rear bottom, which can be according to your local place standard. What’s more, we can see the chassis bottom, it also has the jacks.

mobile ice cream truck 2

Interior part

Look at the interior layout of the food trailer, the space is enough big for working and walking. The space can let people feel comfortable and not crowded. Two sides in the cart are working tables and kitchen devices. We can offer relevant machines and help you fill the layout suitably. Besides, the basic configuration includes lamps, electric devices. And the floor is with water drain for you to clean well.

Outdoor ice cream truck layout

Color options

food trailer

food truck

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