Blue Park Foods Stall Custom Tiny Snack Kiosk

The food stall business in parks varies depending on the location, popularity of the park, and the type of food being sold. Generally, food stalls in popular parks with high foot traffic can be profitable, especially if they offer unique and tasty food options. However, competition can be fierce, and vendors can have a wonderful cost-effective park foods stall to match the business.

Park foods stall description

In the bustling park, the booths are surrounded by lush green trees and the sounds of laughter and chatter. A small yet striking shipping container structure booth is painted in a shade of calming blue. Besides, it perfectly complements the natural beauty of the park. This park food stall is a sight to behold, and its unique design captures the attention of passersby.

The structure is compact yet efficient, with one big sales window at the front. The window is with a canopy that provides shade for customers. A sturdy bar supports the canopy that runs across the top of the structure. In addition, The sales window has a small bar counter, which is perfect for transactions and serving orders.

park foods stall

At the left side of the structure, there is another small window that can be open if there is an overflow of customers. You can also open it for ventilation. Besides, this street food kiosk window is perfect for serving additional customers and ensuring that everyone can get services promptly.

park foods stall

The right side of the structure is with a white door that leads to the interior of the stall. And this door is perfect for staff to enter and exit the stall while they are preparing food.

park food kiosk

One of the standout features of this park food stand is the big round light box at the roof, which can show your logo. And customers can see it from far away distance, and this creates a distinct visual identity for the stall.

foods concession stand

Interior design

Inside the structure, the design is just as impressive as the exterior. The interior has an L-shaped working counter with storage cabinets, which is perfect for storing ingredients and utensils. The PVC floor is easy to clean and maintain. And the ceiling has elegant lamps that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

snack kiosk


This park snack stall is a professional custom design, which means that we create it with the needs of the business in mind. The design fee for this stall is 300USD, and the design time is between 2-4 working days. Besides, with high-quality visuals, the design team ensures that every detail of the stall is carefully thought out and executed perfectly.

outdoor snack stall


In conclusion, this park food stall is a testament to the power of design in creating an unforgettable customer experience. From the striking blue color to the unique shipping container structure, every aspect of this stall is wonderful. And we design it with the customer in mind. With its efficient layout, elegant interior, and standout logo, this park food stall can be a popular destination for park-goers.

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