Blue Popular Snow Cone Trailer Custom Snack Truck Design

We can also see many people line up at the popular food trailers. Your food snow cones not only need to be more delicious but also you need one first-class trailer. In this way, you can stand out of the same booths. After all, there is big competition in summer. So it is time for you to have one popular snow cone trailer now.

Popular snow cone trailer description

The snow cone trailer has normal structure and functions. It can meet your needs of making the snow cones and other snacks. Besides, the color is very soft and looks beautiful. Most people like this light blue color. It offer people a quite and wonderful feeling. The selling window is enough big for your convenient selling. People can also see you how to make foods for them at the snack trailer. They can enjoy the process and be more rest assured for the foods.

Popular snow cone trailer

Besides, the square window is at the front side of the popular snow cone trailer. And near the edge, we set two blue external power supplies. The quantity of it can be customized. The “ A” shape traction system bow bar of the catering truck is strong and hard. It can bear one generator or other machine for you, such as air conditioner.

snow cone trailer


Another side of the snow cone truck has one range hood at top. It is no pollution for the city. And this one side is very glossy without logo and posters. The whole food cart bottom are silver galvanizing board with some raised grains. We make the curved shape area for putting the double axles wheels here. It is reasonable design to avoid the mud when moving. All basic standard devices are on the rear part, they are door, tailing lights with reflective signs.

food trailer

Interior design

The interior parts have the glossy stainless steel working benches. And they have many shelves for you to put and take something conveniently. The shelves are open type without doors. We also offer water sinks, range hoods and other machines if you need. What’s more, the cable boxes, sockets and lamps are all on the wall and ceiling. You can use machines directly when connecting the electric power.

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