Blue Retail Coffee Booth Custom Cafe Bar Street Snack Kiosk

People like to go to retail coffee booth because they provide a convenient and accessible location to grab a quick coffee on-the-go. These booths often offer a wide variety of coffee options, as well as snacks and other beverages. Additionally, retail coffee booths can provide a social atmosphere where people can catch up with friends, meet new people, or hold informal business meetings. They can enjoy their leisure time here. We can also customize the booth for you.

Retail coffee booth description

The retail coffee booth boasts a striking blue color that immediately catches the eye. It is further decorated with black elements that add a touch of sophistication to the structure. The white window structure is equally impressive and helps to create an inviting atmosphere inside the booth. The booth features a slanted roof that is convenient for draining rainwater, ensuring that customers stay dry even during heavy rainfall.

One of the highlights of the booth is the light boxes that are at the highest point of the kiosk. The light boxes show the coffee attractive images. This placement ensures that everyone can see them even from a distance. The signages are above the sales windows, and they are designed to be protruding and three-dimensional. This ensures that they are visible and clear. And it is easy for customers to see the snack booth‘s name and relevant information. People can charge the cellphones at the booth conveniently.

retail coffee booth

The booth has three big sales windows, with the facade window having a door that opens together with the canopy. This creative design allows the coffee food kiosk to be easily accessible to customers. The dining bar counter in front of the window is designed to allow customers to rest and drink coffee at ease. The long benches are perfect for customers to sit and relax while enjoying their coffee. The creative letters spelling out “coffee” under the window are an excellent vision. That lets customers know what to expect from the booth.

Interior design

The interior wall of the coffee outdoor concession stand  hangs the green menus that give customers an idea of what is available. The working counters around the sales window provide ample space for the staff to work. The booth is fitted with machines, and there is enough space to accommodate them. There are lamps on the ceiling that provide ample light, and electricity devices that provide power to the machines.


The material used to construct the booth is metal, which is of high quality, durable and weather-proof. The booth can be customized to meet your requirements, and the team is always happy to discuss the details. Overall, the retail coffee booth is a well-designed structure that is sure to attract customers and provide a comfortable place for them to enjoy their coffee.

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