Blue Retail Food Truck Custom Mobile Snack Trailer

No matter in which industry, there exits the competition. If you want your street food business to be outstanding, not only your foods need to be delicious, but also your booth should be attractive. The booth is your image to let people have a good first impression. Good design can help you bring consumers directly. Do you want one retail food truck?

Retail food truck description

Look! The most special point of the retail food truck is its irregular shape. It is polygon. And the food truck is very big so it looks very amazing. The food truck color is deep blue but we can customize your favorite colors. What’s more, the big retail food truck has glass windows and the frame is with the wooden decoration. And you can open the windows the sell the fast foods.

retail food truck

The front head is with one daylight window. And the power supply is for you to connect the sockets to provide electric for the inside machines. The traction tow bar is extended from the chassis. It is for connecting the food trailer when moving is needed. And the tow bar has one durable guide wheel and connecting chain. If you want to use conveniently, we can offer you one generator and make it on tow bar. In this way, wherever and whenever you can use it.

mobile food trailer

The door is at the snack trailer right side. The door design here is very reasonable according to its structure. And the food truck rear also has the daylight window which can be opened. Then you won’ feel bored and hot inside the food trailer. Under the daylight window, we install the tailing lights system. The system can show people turning, brake etc. Information. In addition, the food truck chassis bottom has the double axles wheels with lifting jacks.

street food trailer

Internal design

We see the internal part from the window, every side has the stainless steel working benches. The flat metal counters are durable and easy to be cleaned. All equipment can be placed on countertop around the catering trailer. Besides, the water sinks are 3 pools and embedded in metal counter. The counters are main fixtures and they are functional because they have drawers, display shelves and cabinets. On the retail food trailer wall, it installs many electric devices. Ceiling is flat with lamps and floor is non-slip for your safe stand.


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