Blue Retail Snacks Stall Custom Street Food Kiosk

When we go outside the street, we can always see some retail booths to sell snacks, drinks together. There are so many outside everyday and all are your potential consumers when they pass-by your retail snacks stall. The street stalls now are one kind popular business way for retailers. But we can help you make the kiosk with your own style to compete other booths and attract people. Today, we share you one stall design.

Retail snacks stall description

The retail snacks design are newest style with creative structure. The main color tone of the booth is light blue which is like the sky color. The front counters all sides have the booth image pattern and logo at left side, and right side has one light box. You can also show relevant products pictures or promotion pictures. About the light box, it is easy for you to change the pictures as you want. When you display the products on the counters, it is more convenient for people to see, touch and choose directly. Besides, the snack stand inside part also has the wooden counter with sink for your work. You can also make storage. In addition, the wall is a good place to display more products. We can help you make some shelves. And you can also put the attractive light box pr poster on the wall as decoration.

Retail snacks stall

Top structure

There are many metal frames supporting the structures. Look at the top part design, it shows the design point of the structure creative ideas. The roof structure is curved shape and it is glass type which is to get the daylight for you. It is not close type, but it is easy for draining the rains because of curved shape design. What’s more, there are still some canopies for the booth. It is very thoughtful. And at the top, we also set two big clear logos then people can know your booth name. The ceiling inside also hangs lamps for you.

outdoor snacks kiosk

Image wall

The wall is necessary component of the outdoor snacks kiosk. Its exterior area also has the function, not only the inside part. Such big area can show your brand information, promotion or hot selling products. It will be the image wall and catch people’s attention easily. And people is more easy to have impression on what is big and clear. The image wall is very useful on attracting people.

outdoor drinks kiosk

Window door

The snacks stall has the foldable window doors to protect products and machines for keeping security. It has high quality locks and you can close it at night and avoid stolen or broken by others.

outdoor food kiosk

We are willing to help you on customizing and producing the retail stalls according to your requests. Please feel free to talk with about more your needs and ideas.

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