Blue Street Juice Trailer Colorful Bubble Tea Drinks Cart

There are many drinks popular in the summer days, such as fruit juices, boba teas, coffee, smoothie etc.. The retails always can earn big profits from small drinks booths. It is very easy to start your own street business. At present, almost all retailers use the retail food trailers to sell their foods and other things. Let’s see how useful this one juice trailer is.

Juice trailer description

This one juice trailer is very special and colorful. Its structure is so different from other normal food trailers. It has no traction system with tow bar and no wheels with axles. Its whole shape is arch. And the whole surface has the high quality stickers to show the colorful juices patterns and logo. The main color tone of sticker is blue. The cute patterns can attract people well. At the bottom, there are total 6 universal small wheels. It is helpful for short distance moving. These wheels design is good for your fixed booth and also convenient for moving. It is so useful.

juice trailer

The main front side has the big sales window for you to sell the fresh juices to people. And two ends of the beverage snack trailer have the daylight windows too. When you work in the juice trailer, you can open all windows for ventilation. And the back side left corner design the door for you. The door is with durable lock for security.

food trailer

Interior layout

Stainless steel workbenches are a class of products made of stainless steel. It is beautiful and hygienic, corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, dust-proof, anti-static, and can prevent the growth of bacteria. The counters can hold 2 or 3 pools water sinks. And they have relevant storage shelves for putting something. At the back wall, there is also one long shelf too. What’s more, the interior of the mobile catering truck adopts special anti-corrosion material and non-slip aluminum floor. The juice trailer inside equips the safe electricity devices.

snack trailer


Size: 290*200*220cm
Wheel: 6 small wheels
Inner Equipment: juice machine, bubble tea equipment
Material: Galvanized sheet


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