Brown solid wood metal open shopping mall simple chandelier spot light bread kiosk

Simple style bread kiosk

This is a simple style of open bread kiosk, mainly located in high-end shopping malls. From a distance, the warm and mellow brown solid wood made of bread kiosk. It seems to exude a calm and friendly atmosphere. The texture of solid wood gives a natural and rustic feeling. It forms a unique contrast with the modern atmosphere of the mall, but it complements each other.

Metal support frame cold spotlight

The top of the kiosk, as well as the feet and supports, are made of black metal. The top and the outside of the bread cabinet are metal mesh, which has a hard and beautiful character. The delicate mesh is interwoven, presenting a sense of beauty where industry and art merge. The cold and hard texture of the metal shines with a unique luster under the light, adding a fashion and modern sense to the whole space. And those inlaid on the ceiling of the spotlights, like a few stars fell down. Cast warm and bright light on all corners of the bread kiosk. In addition to the spotlights, the designers also designed some irregular chandeliers for the bread kiosk. Hanging from the top, though not adding much brightness. But the decor adds a touch of artsy retro to the whole kiosk.

Square wooden box decorated with green plants

Square brown wooden boxes of different combinations are artfully suspended in the air above the kiosk. These wooden boxes are hung on different suspended ceilings, forming a unique display style. The brown color of the wooden box echoes the color of the solid wood bread kiosk, creating a harmonious and unified atmosphere. There are green plants in each wooden box. Seen from a distance, these wooden boxes and plants together with chandelier spotlights form the overhead decoration of the bread pavilion. Simple and stylish, the design of this area adds aesthetics to the entire kiosk.

Scented bread kiosk

When the light is sprinkled on the bread kiosk, the grain of the solid wood is more clearly visible. The lines of the metal mesh are sharper, and the green color of the green plant pendants is more vivid and eye-catching. The whole kiosk seems to become a stage, and the bread is the protagonist of the stage. Customers are attracted to this warm and stylish atmosphere. Choose their favorite bread, enjoy this moment of peace and beauty. Approaching the bread kiosk, you can smell the aroma of bread mixed with the fragrance of solid wood, which makes people instantly happy. Reach out to touch the brown solid wood, feel its texture and temperature, as if you can touch the traces of the years. And those black metal mesh, give people a solid and reliable feeling, let people feel safe to buy goods here.

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This brown solid wood open bread kiosk against the wall is not only a place to sell bread, but also a space full of artistic atmosphere and life atmosphere. With its unique design and decoration, it attracts everyone who passes by. It is like a shining pearl in the shopping mall, exuding a unique charm, bringing people a different shopping experience and visual enjoyment. Whether it is day or night, the bread kiosk welcomes every customer with its unique attitude and has become a beautiful landscape in the shopping mall. We are a factory specializing in custom shopping malls, whether it is bread or ice cream or other food kiosks. We can customize the design and production for each customer. If you want a different kind of food kiosk. Please contact us!

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