Cheap Outdoor Coffee Kiosk Popular Street Coffee Stall

The coffee is like the main staple food for most people. They like to drink coffee 2-3 times every day. Coffee is the business which is low cost and easy for you to grasp the skill. Besides, its market is very big. How to make your profits max? The outdoor coffee stall is your best option. The streets are crowded with people, and you can choose the most busy street for your booth.

Outdoor coffee stall description

The coffee stall style belongs to industrial style. Its main color is black and wooden color. The solid wood decoration is very creative with layering feeling, which is at kiosk top and body. The signage of the outdoor coffee stall is very attractive. The logo layout arrangement is different from top and bottom. The color of the logo also is eye-catching. The middle is the sales window and two blacks boards are at window two sides. The black boards shows the menu and food interesting patterns.

outdoor coffee stall

There is the dining table around the kiosk 3 sides. You can also put chairs under the table. At the back side, it has the a door. The whole kiosk design is amazing and fit coffee features very much. The food booth must be very popular when people see it.

outdoor coffee stall 1

Outdoor coffee kiosk layout

Normally, for the food stall, we can make a good layout with your machines and put everything suitably. It can have the working tables, display shelves at wall, storage cabinets, sinks etc.. Besides, the ceiling and floor workmanship is the same as the the shop. The wall also can have some decorations such as the lights box or some fake green plants. The spotlights or some modern lamps are at the ceiling.

coffee kiosk

More information

Size: 3*2m

Material: Plywood, metal, man-made stone for countertop

Surface treatment: Black aluminum composite panel, solid wood

Business step

Step1: Contact us and talk about needs.

Step2: Make 3D design (300USD design fee)

Step3: Amend design

Step4: Confirm design

Step5: Pay for kiosk (50% deposit+30% progress payment+20% balance before shipping)

Step6: Production

Step7: Packing and shipping

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