Cheap Street Snack Truck Custom Mobile Food Trailer

Do you have the plan of opening one snack booth? The street snack truck is mobile type and very convenient for your flexible time. You can sell snacks at day time or night time freely. You don’t need to fix one place, and you can pull everywhere to expend your selling areas and consumers groups.

Street snack truck description

You can sell many snacks by this one street snack truck. It is white with a little blue.The facade edges are decorated by blue color. The creative facade is attractive which is different from others. The facade wall has many lines with layering feeling, which is like the shape of pleated window. The snack truck sets two windows, one is for daylight and another one is for sales. The blue point near the daylight window is the external power supply. And traction system is very strong be pulled and bear heavy items. Besides, the food trailer has double axles wheels and jacks at the chassis part. The door is at the rear side and it has the lock. What’s more, the door also designs one stair which can be elevated. Then you come up and down carefully. It is so good considerate design. The rear has the tailing lights too.

Street snack truck

Interior design

The floor is non-slip with drain system. It is very easy for you to clean the dusts. The middle channel is the area of your activity, which is enough wide and comfortable. Besides, the working benches with many cabinets and shelves are snack trailer two sides. The countertop is very thick for you put something and sell foods. At the trailer wall, there are some electricity devices, such as switch, sockets, wire with cable box etc.. We can also meet the your needs on different kinds of the machines when you want.

Food trailer

Customized items

Size, color, shape, layout, structure, materials etc, all we can customize based on your thoughts. Welcome to contact us to talk more details.


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