Chinese Style Outdoor Fast Food Kiosk Custom Snack Stall Design

The fast foods always can meet people’s desire of eating and their hungry situation. More and more choose to do the retail food business with a retail booth at outdoor. They don’t need to rent a shop and pay for high renting fee and shop decoration and furniture cost. The outdoor fast food kiosk can meet their all needs directly. Why? Let’s learn about the functions of one kiosk.

Outdoor fast food kiosk color

The kiosk is to sell the roast meats. And the style of this one outdoor fast food kiosk is Chinese style. It mainly shows on some factors. One is the Chinese red color. Red is Chinese favorite color, and it represents auspiciousness, festivity, warmth and happiness for them. Besides, the fast food kiosk also has green and gold colors. The embellishment of colors adds the beauty of the kiosk.

street snack kiosk

Basic structure

The roof is white and flat. And we set the door at the booth left side. What’s more, right side wall has some pattern decoration, which makes the kiosk more fantastic. And bottom has the feet to keep relevant distance with the floor. And it is helpful for you to lift it up by forklift when moving. Besides, it won’t be affected by the weather from the floor.

Outdoor fast food kiosk


The highlight point of the kiosk design is the facade. It has one create signage which combines Chinese style and the business theme. And it also use the Chinese letters which shows good meanings. The logo is placed at the facade top which is easy for people to see and it also decorates the food snack stall and makes it more beautiful and high grade.

Sales window

The sales windows have the green frame. The frame also is delicate with some lines pattern decorations. The sales window has red roller shutter door to maintain security for night or the time when you are away. And the area also has the bar counter for holding something when you or consumers put. In addition, there is one door to cover and protect the tall refrigerator. On the door, it has the golden letters in door middle and golden decorations at corners. People can choose and take the products from this refrigerator conveniently.

outdoor snack kiosk

Interior design

We make the working counters in the outdoor food stand for you. Then you can make foods by machines inside. Besides, we also make the exhaust fan holes. What’s more we install the electricity on the wall. The lamps are at the ceiling and some red lantern lamps decorations above the sales window.

outdoor fast food kiosk

Production effects

We produced the kiosks according to the design. And here are real effects of this one fast food kiosk. All workmanship is handmade step by step. We have skillful workers in factory. The production time normally needs about 30-35 working days for outdoor kiosk.

street food stall

Our service

  1. We can help you make 3D design to customize the kiosks after we talk about details.
  2. Our factory can produce the kiosks for you.
  3. After production, we also can arrange shipping for you.
  4. We also offer after-sale service if you have any questions.

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