Classic red blue ice cream station custom modern fashion high quality food kiosk

Today, let’s walk into this classic red blue ice cream station with a size of 6×3 meters. Enjoy its unique charm and excellent design.

Multi-business kiosk

The kiosk covers an area of 18 square meters. Provides ample space for multiple business operations. Such a spacious interior space, so that it has a variety of business possibilities. It can not only be used as an ice cream kiosk, but also bring cool and sweet enjoyment to customers. It can also expand its business to sell delicious snacks such as crepes, pancakes and waffles. Of course, the coffee and juice business can also be carried out smoothly here. Sufficient space to easily store operating equipment and rich ingredients to meet the needs of different customer tastes. The design of the food kiosk is undoubtedly one of its biggest highlights. The modern classic red and blue match creates a vibrant and stylish visual effect. Both red and blue blend into each other, forming a strong color contrast. Both adults and children will be captivated by this unique color combination.

Food kiosk front layout

The front of the kiosk is well designed and functional. Two reserved transparent refrigerated display cases are a major feature. One of them is used to display various flavors of ice cream. Colorful ice cream is neatly arranged in the freezer, exuding an attractive cool and sweet aroma. The other is for freshly baked bread. The golden, crispy crepes, fluffy, sweet pancakes, and crunchy, savory waffles make your mouth water. Next to the bread display case, the designer has cleverly set aside a special space for cash register equipment. Here, staff can efficiently complete the purchase operation for customers, ensuring that the transaction flow is smooth.

Striking design

There is a small door on the right side of the food kiosk for easy access for staff. The design of this small door takes into account the convenience of the movement of people without affecting the overall beauty of the food kiosk. Staff can easily restock food and organize equipment through this small door. Ensure that food kiosks are always in good operating condition. In the two corners of the food kiosk, there are two vertical signs about 1 meter above the table. These two vertical signs are not only unique decorative elements, but also practical promotional tools. Advanced advertising machines are embedded inside the signage, which can play videos of the food on sale and beautiful pictures on a loop. In addition, the brand’s logo can also be prominently hung on it to further enhance the brand’s visibility and recognition.

Safety guarantee

Frosted glass baffle installed behind the food kiosk counter. Provides reliable security for all equipment on the table. The texture of frosted glass not only adds to the overall beauty of the food kiosk. It can also effectively block the outside dust and impurities, and keep the operating area clean and sanitary. At the same time, this design also creates a relatively private and focused working environment for the staff. So they can focus more on making food for their customers.

In short, this classic red and blue ice cream station is custom-designed and produced with modern fashion and high quality food kiosks. With its unique appearance design, reasonable space layout and practical functional configuration. It has become an ideal choice for food management in shopping malls. If you are interested in this design, please contact us. We will customize your own food kiosk for you.

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